3 Reasons why self-help programs might not work for you


I have been through a number “different”of self-help programs meaning… reading, listening, watching, and do the home work or the tasks that were given. Did I ever finish all of them? NO I haven’t! Did I fund something helpful in some of them? Yes of course.

And I have figured one thing and it was the same for all of programs

I had understood what their goal was. In the moments of being trough the programs (for almost all) of them I had a “revelation” that…YES this is it! But after some time, usually when the tasks or exercises needed to be done, out of strange and unknown reasons I couldn’t finished them. Something was missing.

So after a long time this was the “logical conversation” in my mind.

Ok, I have understand the program, it sounded so helpful and truth, it gave a totally logical explanation on what is happening to me… And then somewhere in the middle of the tasks I would run away and stopped.

Why? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure. My mind had created and another failure, and again the question …What is wrong with me?

This is what you should have on your mind before giving a death sentence on a self-help program.

Finding the right program for you.

There is no magic bullet. Whatever gives you a piece of mind, or at least a pleasant feeling inside and out, it is actually “your piece of cake”. Let yourself on a hunt, read, listen, watch… Your life is the only piece of life for which you should spend your time. When you feel pleasant and happy you’re surrounding will change and it will rearrange itself for you.

Expectations of the outcome.

Do not grow any expectation… that will only lead to disappointment.

But the attitude of being positive and finding a pleasant outcome with whatever comes, it is an perfect staring point. We are all the same, but on the other hand we are so different that we cannot expect to have same outcome.

Always be aware of the good things that you can adopt.

Not all the programs and lecturers that you might go through are having  a homework of some kind or follow-up actions, but that doesn’t mean that whatever they only speak about isn’t a lesson by itself. Just the ideas that they are sharing are another brick in your “believe” house for better living.

So be aware of the good things that sounds good to you, try to adopt them even if you do not agree with everything in this program. Do not discard the program just because you didn’t approve everything.

Everybody’s approach is different. But on the end, the goal is always the same. Happiness, presence, pleasantness, awareness, love, forgiveness call it as you wish. The goal is always the same…Your wellbeing.

Give yourself the freedom to explore. That is how you will find what is right for you.


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