3 things to do while you are giving an advises and not be a complete As*hole.

I loved the feeling when somebody was asking me for advice. I was all over the place when somebody needs a help even as an advice. My ego was having a great time… “Oh look how smart and wanted I am”. But my soul was not. I was always the one who is everywhere helping and advising. But was I capable to help everybody… Of course, nobody is, or maybe this daze Google is.

Since we are not Google, be aware of this.

3 Things to be aware while giving an advice.

Don’t judge

If somebody turned to you for an advice doesn’t mean that he needs more of a bad stuff on his head. In their confusion of not knowing what to do, judgment of their capabilities is one thing they don’t need. Things happen in life, and we humans learn while live (mostly from our mistakes) every second of our lives. We should cherish the honor that was given to us, so we are in the position to help somebody. We should also not allow our ego to abuse this position, to create a judgment to feel the sense of being higher.

Don’t say anything just because you feel like you have to answer.

We should learn how to say NO. Even if you had the honor of being asked for an advice be very honest, first with yourself and then with the others. If you do not know how to help properly than just say “sorry, I don’t know” how to help or how to do that. Being a smart ass and just go around the topic will not help you or anybody else it will just waste time and energy.

Make sure that you know how to do “the thing” that you are advising.

If we want to help them we should really first do some self-evaluation on our capabilities to help. Giving advice is much more than empty words. It is not only what you should do, but knowing the key element “how you should do it” will make the receipt for a proper advice.

If we don’t have the how to the suggestion, then that is not an advice it is just a wishful thinking.

True help comes when we show how it is done, we give the tools, we point to the successful outcomes.

When somebody asks for an advice…

I feel bad and I feel I need to lose weight?

Complete judgmental asshole

Of course, you should lose weight, you look bad and you did this to yourself because you are lazy and you don’t take care of yourself.

When you know how to say NO.

I believe you should lose weight but I really don’t know how to help you.

When you really help.

Yes you should lose weight, and I know the great program that can help you, I will give you the info for the program and when you settle down I will be there to support you if you need me.

We should make our communications count, especially when we need to do the greatest thing in the world, to help.

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