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Best 3 tips to make your children’s room Self-serving

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your children’s room?
Are you freaking out the moment you open the door? Are you becoming the “bitchy mom” every time the room should have been cleaned? Then welcome to the club.

Moms… we are not using our best resources here. Even our smallest children are capable of taking care of some things in the room and their environment.
The first thing to consider… We should seriously LET GO of control and let the children do their best. After all, it is their room.
Our job here should be to make their job a bit easier so that they can achieve their goals with ease.

Our children do not need much. They don’t need hills of toys and crafting materials. Minimize or you will become a slave to the things especially in the children’s room. Make it easier for your children to help you and easier to help themselves in achieving to keep their room in order. With so many colors, the number of items in the room is overwhelming for every adult, let alone for the children.
When mess happens, it’s almost mission impossible to fix it, it is impossible to play with.

Use visual labels and schedules
Children love visuals. NO matter the age. Actually, we all love visuals. Even the letters that we read are a visual imprint in our mind. Use the power of visuals to help your children remember things that are their responsibility more easily. The freedom that you have with these tools will make your life much easier. Use the pictures from the internet or just take a crayon and draw as simple as possible whatever you what to present. Children will love it anyway. They will understand the picture and instantly remember their task without bothering to read and then translate in their brains what it should look like.
Schedules for a number of events, especially the repetitive ones as going to bed routine will be so stress-free when the only thing they will hear is that they should go to the schedule and do whatever it says, instead of you repeating and giving all the instructions every day.
Like this is just one thing to remember and easy to follow.

Keep it clean
Keep the floor clean. When the floor is messed up the room is considered unclean. No matter if everything else is in place, the feeling is that the room is messy.

Make a special rule that the floor should be clean as much as possible. Make a visual rule that if something stays on the floor more than the certain time, it will “disappear” from the room. But then after a while, it can only appear if the floor stays clean longer.
Make a story and be playful. Children will love it and you will be the happiest one since you won’t have to clean the floors.

Be creative, for your sake and for the sake of your children. They do not value the cleaning and keeping the order around them. But if we make this activity as the ongoing interesting thing it will be good for all. Now you have to decide.

Take some time, plan this thing and create a self-serving room where your children will do most of the work by themselves with you.

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