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Best ways to make a house that creates everything you need.

I believe that “Home is a feeling, not space”. But, most of the time the feeling of home is where your loved ones are and where you spend the best moments in your life.

We can see the proof of this with the teenagers. They are so eager to go away from home no matter how good and pleasant their life is with their families. They are searching for more.

But even if the home is just a feeling, then building a good house can make that feeling even stronger and even better.

Once upon a time, people didn’t need to travel so far to get what they need, they had it all very close to them. And lately, we started going back to this because of many reasons.

We eat food from all over the world, but our body is “programmed” to coexist best with the food that grows around us.
We do activities that are made to only treat the symptoms of our living and not comply with our living.
Our homes are made to separate us from the only things that support our life… Nature.

Before we stop and think of the list of what is wrong with our lives and with our living, we can find a great solution to treat all these symptoms with only one thing.
We can build our home to serve us with the best things that one home can give.
Building a home that creates food, keeps us in touch with nature and gives us the logical and sustainable way of living.

Earthship is a house that can do all of this for you. By using the best principals of natural building and using the best attributes of earth and nature. This house will produce food for you, will give you shelter for the lowest cost ever, will be beautiful and functional and it will give you the need to do activities that will bond you with nature.
This way of living will solve all the symptoms that we see in the society without even working on them.

Smart home
It’s smart when your utility bills are small, almost insignificant. Only by using the thermal energy of the earth and water you can create a cool place in summer, and warm and cozy place at winter almost for free.

Healthy home
Being in touch with the ground and having an opportunity to eat what you plant and grow in your house, can be the best health benefit that you can have. And the joy of growing and producing your food, the opportunity to touch the soil and the plants every day will give you the best mind rest ever. The one thing that we lack the most these days.

Beautiful home
This way of building homes can be so beautiful because the only thing that can be a limit is your imagination. The only thing that you should think is to keep in mind the principals of a smart and healthy house, all the rest it is up to your wildest imagination.

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