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Check this from your goal list, before even start thinking about losing weight.

I am one of the human overweight population on this planet.

Did I pay attention to what is happening to my mental health because of this ugly symptom of human dissatisfaction? Yes, I did. And that leads me to the road of being overwhelmed, trapped feeling dissatisfied and helpless.

We should have learned by now…. If we have a symptom in our body, and if we treat it wrongly it will not go away. Actually, it will become even greater and more disastrous for the body and the mind. Treating the symptom can only lead to another failure, losing weight and then gaining even more.

So since our body is a part of us, the actual support in this 3D reality, let’s not treat it as an external part of us.

“The mind with the emotions, soul with the presence and the body with physical existence are making my whole me. If something is not working properly then I should reconsider balancing all of them together.”

Our existence is a balance of these three aspects of us, and if one of them fails to perform well, the other two will suffer.

Weight gain and the sicknesses of the body are the symptoms of an imbalance in some of our aspects.

When we try to fix the equilibrium, we do not push on the one side and try to measure. We set it up first and then let it go to balance itself. Only then do we measure and get the great results.

Every great success that happened to people while losing weight or taking control over their body IS NOT because of the motivation to stick very rigidly to the diet. It is the shift in their aspects that opened the road for self-regulation.

If we want to approach our body condition and are thinking about changing the state and the shape of it,  then we should definitely NOT start with a diet or an exercise…

We should clear up some questions in our minds… And usually, when people find the right answer for this question, all aspects of us will start acting differently, and the body will start to regulate itself with no effort.

Who are you?

The biggest question in the universe… Just thinking about it can make you feel overwhelmed.

And here, of course, you don’t ask yourself about your job vocation, or about your family role, or even about your religious or other beliefs. Instead, you ask about the simplest form of you.

If you struggle with answering the question, the next question might help, and it is always the truth, no questions asked.

Who am I?

I am a human being.

A simple, clean start every time when you need to balance your being.

So, now you should be aware and careful with everything that you plan to label yourself as a human being. Let it be good for you, in order to become a beautiful version of yourself.

What do you want?

When you think of this, many things are coming in your mind…

What I want is NOT what I need…

Many times we will come across things that we want and we think that is the same with the things that we need. But be aware…The only thing that we actually really need is not controlled by us and is not something that we need to acquire. It is with you from the moment you arrived, and it will be with you until the end of you.

All you need is your breath… Since we cleared this out.

What are the things that you want?

While you think of what you want, bare in mind that we can find humans existing and living without food, clothes, technology, families, religion, political views, and homes. So it proves that we don’t need them.

What is missing in your life?

Do I miss love or attention in my life, and is it all the same?

In our mind attention is equal to feeling good. No matter what kind of the attention. Sometimes the need for attention is so big, that people do some crazy stuff to attract some of it. But in most cases, people will just pile a layer (of fat) around them, so that they can hide in the hug and feel some kind of love.

We all need people, the attention, and the love. But the only important love and attention that we need to take care is our love for ourselves.

The most important piece of life in your life is your life.






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