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When you child becomes not autistic after 4 years of being one.

And this shall pass…

Remember this, because very often life is giving us lessons, and when we are not aware living tend to become very hard.

My child was diagnosed with dysfunctional development, and then it was autism, and then it was not.How this did happen…It was not because of the magical cure for autism but because of the information.
We have done all the tests and did a research but after a while doctors have decided that it is a specter of autism. Time was passing and the child was making some progress, and then they have decided that is not.

But what happened to me and my family going through this 4 years.
Somebody get stronger, somebody gets tougher, but most of us learned something that nobody expected.

We have learned acceptance and love.
As a parent, you are never enough prepared to deal with some issues with your children, typical and not typical ones. It would be senseless to say that the parents of typical “normal” ones are just having the time of their lives with their children. But having a not typical child will challenge you on so many levels. On the end of the day, there is no other thing than seeing yourself how much you have grown. But on the other hand, this growth can be in many directions and that is what makes the difference in the quality of living for us, for our child and for our family.

Nothing is final, nothing lasts forever and nothing is here to stay.
Being in the middle of the problem most of the times is so overwhelming that life feels like you are drowning in the middle of the ocean. Letting it go can make all the difference for you.
Learning to stop, get to the point where you will go to knowing that there is always a way.
I am saying this because from this perspective I have seen the best improvement in my son’s state only when I have decided to let go.
You can always try, but if it’s ending to be a suffering to you and him then you should just let go. That doesn’t mean that you should give up? NO. It means to let that thing of yourself, making some space something else to appear that will do the situation better.There is nothing in this world that is covering the past, present and the future as strongly as a parents care for their children. The feeling of their well being is always burdened with what will be and how it will be. The feeling of not having the control over somebodies else’s life makes us so fearful and stuck, in our past and their future instead of being here and now.

The NOW when they told me that my child has autism was devastating. But did I decided to live in it as my future? NO. I have decided that every moment is worthy of being the best, at least every present day if not less.

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