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Don’t worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.

I am a parent and I do forget this often.
But how much truth lies in this words. I would say the biggest one in the world.

For a bit let’s go back to ourselves…
How many things we say and do like our parents?
I believe that in just a couple of seconds you will find at least 3 things. And most of the time these things are not positive ones.

Being angry and screaming can leave a great impact on the children’s memory, and no matter what you will say, the voice and the energy will be imprinted in the children’s memory.
And then later if you don’t clear that communication with a proper “I am sorry”, and “please forgive me” then your child will still worship you but with the bad emotions and memories of you.
So, saying things will not do much, but showing and doing genuinely good things will do all the difference in the world.

Since it is our responsibility to raise our child to grow up and to become a great human, meaning “someone who will respect others and will respect himself” than we should go back to some lessons that maybe we are forgetting.

Here some great ideas that can help you to stay strong on the way of parenting.

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