How do you decide to live today

Why do we have troubles? Why do we have problems? Why do we have headaches? Why are we sick, unhappy, why do we have a big load of life’s burden on our shoulders? Has anyone of us asked about these questions? Why everything seems wrong in our lives? Every choice, idea, movement seemed to be the wrong one!


The answer is very easy. Because it isn’t simple. We don’t think how to live our lives in a very common and simple way. The societies’ systems are teaching us that life isn’t simple, it doesn’t need to be simple, and it does have to have rules in order to live simpler and fruitful life. But, it’s totally the opposite way.

As the old saying says:

Don’t live yesterday, don’t plan tomorrow, LIVE TODAY WITH THE WIDE OPEN CHEST TO THE FULLEST!

For instance, after my graduation, I was full of life inside me and I was ready to conquer the world exploring new things and experience many situation while working and providing for myself and for the others. But, I couldn’t find a job, because the system where I live is so complicated and it has a lot of boundaries that were limiting me, so, gradually, I was getting frustrated, disappointed, and I was drowning in sorrow and depression because, everything seemed so complicated.

Until, one day, when I said to myself, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, no more wasting time of my life, because my life is precious gift that I’ve got from above and I need to take a good care of it.

My life starts today, and I’m going to live it today. Step by step, my life went up, from the low frequency, to the high frequencies of the fruits which are waiting us to take them without any clearance, just for free. Deep down, in myself I have found out that helping others selflessly is the thing that I want to do it the most, so, I started from that point and gradually, after few years I have found happiness in my life, I have found the perfect job for myself and the perfect person to spend my life with.

Nothing is impossible, it’s just how badly you want to do it. By having a strong desire for that matter, you will find a zillion ways to fulfilled it. We should live now, as we are, simple, without any expectation, without any prejudices or doubts about anything.

The life’s fruits will come, because they are already prepared for us. No, matter how they will come, from above, from the street, from the unknown person whom you never hoped that he/she will be willing to help you selflessly to you, exactly you.

Every day is a different story for us, so we shouldn’t live in the past, we should be grateful that tomorrow came to our lives, and we should live now, to the fullest, to do the things that we want, to get rid of the chains of the laws and system’s norms that are drowning us to worries, and problems, and we should taste the fruits if the life which are given to us free and in big abundance. Don’t wait to do something tomorrow, do it today, because today is the right moment for doing it!

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