How my young daughter taught my older son things that I couldn’t

As a mom of three, I had the luck to go through the experience of having a child with difficulties with communication. Contrarily from the past, now I feel that I was blessed to have this experience…This little boy had to walk me to the ends of myself, to the best and worst of me. From fears and misery of self-pity and helplessness to the most powerful and uplifting hopeful mom in this world.

And along the way, I have learned many things, most of them how should I behave around the children especially around him. And in my mind, I was always looking into myself as me being the one responsible for him who has to do all the heavy lifting around.

Teaching him how to speak, communicate, and behave. And I did it, all that I could and I knew. But in that cloud of doing with no stopping and “Me being the only one in all of this” I didn’t see next thing coming.

Even that we have been to a number of doctors and therapists his communication haven’t changed a lot. He was still communicating most with the body language and a couple of uncontested words. After a while, I have established the idea in my mind that this will never be an easy process and that there is a lot of work.

In between, we had a new family member, my daughter. She is almost 4 years younger than my son, and as we figured out later she was exactly the perfect age to be the one thing that I couldn’t be for my boy.

One day I was laying on the bad with the phone in my hands going through social networks trying to get some rest form the crazy housework. I was relaxed because my little girl and my boy were next to me in the tiny toy house trying to play something. I was pretty out with my attention but suddenly I have been amazed. My son asks my little daughter a question with a full correct sentence almost like he had always talked. I didn’t move, but I got my full attention on their conversation. They were communicating perfectly. He was asking and answering and the play was just flowing.

And then I figured… my little daughter had taught him the things that I couldn’t, with no pushing or any resistances as I used to have while trying to communicate with my son. The help will always come to us, and sometimes from the strangest and unexpected places.

Now he is older and he is better at communicating, and I have to say that my daughter is the greatest reason for that.

Maybe this is not too strange for the people who work with this kind of children, but for me, this was an eye-opening experience. So great that had made me actually let go of the biggest burden of being a mom…

We are family and because of that, I had to let go and let everybody help, even the smallest ones.


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