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How to keep yourself sane when living with someone with Dementia.

The body is a very mysterious matter, it will do many things to protect itself. And when I say everything I mean it will engage the mind into so many strange “states of mind” only to protect itself.

Demetria is not a sickness, it is only a state of urgency that the body is creating in order to protect itself from harming itself.
People with dementia have a strange behavior of forgetting things. Things that were stressful or that were connected with a stressful memory. After a while, maybe even small things in the near present will be forgotten, but that is probably a part of the package.

People who suffer this state can be very hard to live with, so it is very important to know some simple tricks how to survive with the people with dementia.

Don’t go to the past
Dementia can be different in the different states and it can change in relation to how relaxed, painless, and happy the person is. Being aware of these states can help you cope with the symptoms of the state. The people with dementia have a tendency to repeat some event or something in the past, asking for something that they have already had. The secret is to never go back and try to explain what you had done for them or what they did.

Don’t explain
Explaining the situation over and over again will never help. Do not let them lead the conversation on their own terms because even if they do, most of the times they are not capable. SO, do not explain but do create a version of what they should talk about according to the terms that you create.

Always go to the near future something to expect
Past events are usually the ones that are the problem, the ones which are partially forgotten or events that just happened but they do not exist in the present.
Take them to the near future. Make sure that all that they ask to do and it is not logical is transferred for the near future. Whatever they ask you, just shift their attention in the near future, like yes it will happen in just an hour, or it shall happen just when somebody comes. That will give them a sense of calmness that it will happen soon. Although most of them will forget about it in a couple of minutes or even seconds.

Be mentally prepared every time when you talk to them
If you are not mentally prepared to talk to these people you might get very annoyed, stressed even disturbed. Be aware that their fears can come very strong and unrelated. Whenever they ask for something and start a conversation be present to calm them down so that you avoid more unrelated conversations and stress for them and for you.
And always remember, these people are the same ones that you knew. Have patience and love because their life did not get easier.

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  1. My mother has gotten mean and rude. She has paranoia, no trust,. I’m 62 and I live a live with her. My brother has power of attorney. Today was a bad day. She’s 87. My brother is dragging this out by taking her to a psychiatrist once a month. She tryed to kill me twice, hears voices. she needs to be placed, to be safe. but the Dr’s just want her on meds. I can’t do this,anymore.

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