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Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how react on it.

Let’s talk about this.

When I read this quote, the first thing that comes to my minds is… I don’t have a control over my life.

True or false?

Usually, we notice our big reactions the most when BIG things happen to us, and it goes for the bad and good ones. But actually, every little thing that we mostly do on “autopilot” is just a reaction of our reaction of our reaction.

Are we aware of our reactions?

Do we even see what’s happening?

Everything around is triggering some of our reactions, sometimes without even us knowing that it happened. Every picture, sound, voice, face, and the smell is taking us to a certain experience that we had before, and from there we can only react to the present moment.

Truly being in nonreactive space is when we create something new. When we experience the inspiration, we do not have space for reaction. Knowing this, we should use every opportunity to be more in the place of creation instead of just reacting.

When there is creation, there is no judgment and no resistance. When there is creation there is always a flow.

Think about what is making you feel like you’re flowing, and feels great to do.

That is your LIFE.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and feeling about it. Maybe along the way, someone will get inspired by you.

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