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One question test to check… How do you feel about HELP?

Do you know how you should feel when you give help?

Help, the most valued action in this world.

And we humans get very confused and lost along the way with giving and asking for help.

In order to see what is happening, we are just going at the beginning of all.

The first and the most basic help that we get is from our parents. They are doing everything to help us in the beginning of our journey in this world, taking care of us, giving up on their own comfort so that they can help us because they know how helpless we are.

And the feeling on both sides is the most beautiful and the most enlightened of all. Reasons…I believe it is because of the unconditional love. The love that comes with the cleanness of babies filled with a feeling of no restrictions and no expectations.

And then learning starts to take place. It is a process, every action with a certain reaction. Every newly learned thing with a new expectation.

When you are small, your expectations are small. If you fall down you are thought to get up. You need a hand for a while and then you don’t. And when you master getting up again by yourself, the help is gone. Now comes the next step. You need to build up your strength, to learn the process of falling and getting up BY YOUR SELF.

This is just a drop of water in the ocean of our life, of being helped, but it holds the basics and the essence of helping.

Now if we only manage to keep this pattern of helping, then life would be a better place for all of us. Where do we get things wrong?

While growing up, our helping parents create a picture of us and the picture of us is created with all their wishes for our best life, all their fears of our worst life, and all the expectations of our actions finished by judgments of how we should be.

Let’s not judge, because they did what they thought it’s the best.

Now when we are all grown up being who we are, do we ask what kind of helpers have we become?

Do we give our support with no restrictions and no expectations or do we always calculate?

Do we measure our emotional and material gain while giving help to someone?

We should be AWARE and always ask ourselves these questions.

And the answer may be clear or not, but one thing is certain.

Help FEELS really good, sometimes it feels like helping a little baby start walking, sometimes it feels like helping an old lady cross the street, just because you see that she cannot do it by herself.

And help LOOKS like a man going into the fire to help someone stuck in the burning building. The need for help is one of the essential needs of a human being. And if it is given appropriately, it will produce the best felling of all. With helping others we actually help ourselves be released from judgment, expectations.

Without going into all the complications of how helping can go wrong in this world.

Let’s take just stick to the knowledge that help feels amazing and that it is good for all.

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