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The person you marry shouldn’t be the one you can live with, but the one that you can’t live without.

How great the world would be if we can see this kind of love lasting till the end of the best partnership in the existence… marriage.
Loving somebody with all your heart with no judgment and no expectation, no exceptions.
People might actually fall in love and feel this feeling, but along the way, life happens and partners become not just only being able to live within marriages but it goes even further.

Very often in today’s marriage, we can see the third and the worst form of this partnership, where they cannot live with each other.
And this doesn’t mean that these people have never loved each other, it only means that they have never used the full potential of real love.

Love and marriage can be the roughest ride ever in once lifetime. So many beauties and so many lessons.

That is why we have to be very aware how we enter on this ride and how do we travel along so that we don’t end up in the third category of broken partnership.

My lessons learned…

Respect yourself and each other
People grow, they never stop growing and as they grow they tend to change. Changes will be good and some of them maybe not so good, but respecting yourself for who you are should never go away. Because the one that loves you will always respect you for who you are.
Respecting each other is the best way that can always take you back to the most beautiful and basic love.

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Never stop talking
Never, never, never stop talking to each other. The conversations will change but the talks about each other’s feelings, happiness, dreams, and wishes should always stay as a constant. Because the man who loves you will love to hear all of them all the time. Go back to the great memories, relive them and enjoy once more in them together.

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Kids are kids but love is love
If the ride goes crazy in one marriage than it is the time when children arrive. The joy and happiness that these little people can bring are endless, but also the stress and the need for change in the shortest time ever. Children are important and this feeling can overwhelm and even drown the partners. If there is a time where both partners should be more close to each other than this is the time for that.
Kids will grow and will become what they will become, but you will be the one that stays to talk and love each other.

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