“Quote of the day” that will CHANGE your life.

“Beautiful, smart, intelligent, inspiring, and gone from your mind the moment it’s out of your sight.” 

But let’s see what happens when is still in front of your eyes. Your mind says …oh it is so true and beautiful; I should do this every day. But in a moment or two it is gone, gone, gone… like it has never even been here in the first place … along with that powerful feeling of how we can do so many  great things and feel good about it.

Most of the time the quotes are telling the truth, which is why we feel good about it. Quotes are thoughts, beliefs, mantras… you can call them as you wish, but they can definitely be “THE THING” that can change your life if you use it properly and as prescribed.

This is my homemade recipe for quotes that change lives.

You should start with your favorite quote.

Like…. “The past does not equal the future”, I have found this quote to be a life changing for me. The quote should be a truth that you believe in and that you want to adopt as part of your thinking process. At first this thought will raise very strong emotions and they might not be so nice. But also they will make sure that you actually stay on your track.

There is a story behind it

The story behind my quote was powerful, at least for me. I have learned this quote in a self-help program from which I have received even more proofs and reasons why should I believe in this truth and strong reasons why should I work on it every day. When you pick your truth quote, have a loud conversation with yourself or somebody else where you will state all the good reasons why you want to adopt this belief.

Make it your own artwork

When I first decided on my quote I made sure that I want to see it all the times. So I have decided to put it on my wall across mu bed. And I made it mine… Crayons and glitters, write the quote with the most beautiful letters, and I draw a flowers around it because for me that was mine expression of valuable and beautiful. I was working on that picture for couple of hours and I enjoy it. If you don’t feel artistic, find the quote that you like on sticker, or make it in the computer and printed out and maybe color it. Find somebody thet is good in drawing and invite him to draw it on your wall while you talk about it. Just make it your own art work.

When do you know that it works?

The moment when you read the quote and you start feeling good about it, than you know that your actions have been changed. You are aware and you intentionally do something to change your life.

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