The “Law of attraction” SUCKS if you don’t know this detail.

Yesterday very unexpectedly I have to stumble upon a video that had a very crazy name. “F*ck the law of attraction” created and published by Teal swan a self-help guru. At first, I didn’t want to watch it, because, along with the way in so many years of reading and listening to it, I have created a feeling very close to this one.

And as they say… when you want something, you will find it. And as requested this talk had opened a new view on Law of attraction mechanics if I may say.

First, he made it very clear. This universe is working and it creates its manifestations in accordance with the law of attraction. Meaning, what frequency you radiate, that is what you attract.

This sounds totally logical and in accordance to what I have heard and reads many times about Law of attraction before. Some of the self-help programs and lectures did manage to bring me close to some realizations, but it seems something was missing.

And now I have realized that there IS a little, but very important detail that was not mentioned in my previous experiences while I was learning about the Law of attraction.

Are we aware of…Who is responsible for our real frequency vibration?

In the Teals video, I have found the best explanation by now, at least for me, about who is actually in charge. Here you will find out that we are at all times two points of view, the one that is involved in this 3d reality, and the other one which is called by many names, but for me is the connection with all or our higher consciousness.

Are we aware of our desires?

Most of us NOT, at least the part where we think we know what we desire. This two points of view THING IS making sure that we FEEL like we know what we want, but we get something totally different. And when we do receive something that is judged as bad, then we do a lot of self-judgment, guilt-tripping, and suffering. But actually, our higher consciousness made sure that we experience exactly what we need so that we can expand.

How can we make this law actually work without any tricks?

I don’t believe that we can be SO aware, in order to always get the law to work perfectly and in line whit whatever our mind can perceive and judge as good.

What can we do?

Simply we can first try to inspect the things that are manifested, in order to actually recognize what is the real need that we have. Our higher self-doesn’t judge, it just creates a desire and with it attracts the circumstances from which we will experience what we need.

If you have a resistance towards certain things, maybe you should try to embrace it and find the things that will make you grow.

There is more valuable information in this video that will definitely bring you closer to the other side of this famous and mystical Law of attraction.

The link of the video is from the Teal swan official channel.

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