The most important person in my family

We are a family of 5, living together trying to make the best out of this life.  Some of us already know that “the change of the world starts from inside”,  and some of us are on the road to discover that.

But anyway…we are all in this together.

For me family is the place where we are shearing our life journey. Family is the highest form of human achievement, because what you will do for your family  you might never do for anybody else.

Every day you break yourself for your loved ones, and then you rebuild yourself to become a better for you within their eyes. The highest form of “sacrifice” are made by a parents for their children,  but for me it is the highest form of my way of growing back in to my child like self.

What are my family treasures…

My children are the most important in my family.

I treasure my children because of chance to experience so many beautiful things with them. They are not mine, but they given to me to led them trough the life, sometimes more sometimes less. My biggest mirrors in everything sad and done. My biggest reasons to look inside and look for better me. Tree little people who showed me my biggest fears, and my greatest capabilities for love.

My husband is the most important in my family.

He is my dearest friend and partner. The love of a man is all diferent expiriance on its own, that is why should be treasured and nurtured at all times (not just) in the beginning of the relationship. Our world is constantly changing and with it we are changing to, that is why I believe that we should constantly work on our relationships and never expect that “Old key to open a new door”. He helps me grow and create a better version of me every day. He had challenged me so strongly that I had to look “in me, to see me”. That is haw i  figured out that in this reality…The more we fear the more we judge, and  the more we love the more grateful and happy we feel.

I am the most important in my family.

Me, myself and I. All of them together. It all starts with me and all ends with me. The “good” and the “bad”  and every last experiences because…. “Universe is seeing itself trough my eyes”.

I did shared my mind of this world  in this writings, hoping that someone will get inspired to live better today. Because I believe that…

The greatness of the human stands in the number of people that he had inspire, so that they live better with themselves”

So since my life starts today,  my view of a family is my own and today feels like this, who knows what will happened tomorrow.

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