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The screens are EATING very important part of us.

Before you even try to picture it, the “big monster” in your head as a dragon or a hideous creature I will just add some color to it. My face and the face of my children is the part of that picture.

It is all over the place, we are all part of this big monster called a screen time…

Why do I use this “monster” term… because it is big, overwhelming and scary to deal with, and slowly but surely is taking over our life’s.

And as all, not so nice things in the society, this is one thing that is impacting our children’s life’s the most. Who is responsible? I am afraid that on this one we cannot rely on our children, especially the youngest ones on their awareness to stop. With so many researchers that proves that screen time is as a cocaine for the children (and not only children), we need to start braking these monsters face for the good of all.

If we want to change, then we all need to change, the technology is here to stay and it will make sure that the media is working towards the attraction of more “viewers”, children or not.

It is upon us parents to win over our children’s quality living time.

Awareness is a first step towards solving a problem.

This is some things that can raise awareness while facing the “screen time monster” for your children or yourself.

Why do we allow so much screen time?


We want to get some rest;

We want to finish some work without disturbance of the children;

We want to have screen time;

Whatever it is, from this three reasons or maybe something totally different, it is not good enough to make our children’s life’s a collateral for the things that the system had created, and we accepted as necessary.

There are few easy things you can do, to take control over the screen time.

  • Take the screen while mealtime.
  • Take screens from the bedroom.
  • Take screens for personal use, tablets and smartphones.
  • Leave only one screen in the house.

There are great writings that can help you and give you ideas how to actually change your family screen time habits. For the children Link, and for grown-ups link.

Another point of awareness is the greatness of the struggle that will appear when you try to take out some screen time.

As being aware for yourself, on how much struggle it takes for you to take attention from the screen, then you can imagine what is happening with the children who haven’t yet mastered their emotions.

Before you do all this…

Make sure you know what to do with the child that has a habit to eat only in front of the screen. You can expect that your struggle with the meals will be even bigger. Link

Make sure that play time will be even harder with all the clutter and toys that are not used for playing with, but are only scattered and left around. Link

Make sure that your teenage child will not cut the communication as a sign of protest. Link

Get creative, because the stakes are big, and the outcome will be beautiful for all.


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