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There is an AMAZING connection between your adventures and your feet.

Adventure is a Mindset!!! So, when you program your mind to see the best in everything, wherever you go and with whatever happens, then you are set for an adventure.

This state makes you find, expect and creates a great experience.

But, did we raise the bar for having an adventure? Yes, we did, and we did it so high that it is almost impossible to have one.

What is an adventure for most of the people?

  • A trip to a beautiful tropical island.
  • Travel to a great mountain.
  • Visit the Disneyland.

Not for this mom…

Being a good mom is “Mission impossible” this days, at least according to the social standards and honestly, sometimes I feel is getting to be more trouble than a help to raise a good human beings.

What is the problem?

All the colors and moving advertisements at every step, technology lurking at every corner in our homes, less and less calming nature, makes us and our children destructed and lost. A bad place to be centered and be able to enjoy life that happens in the moment.I decided that I will make the adventure a best thing ever. My getaway from the boring, and routine everyday living.

I decided that I will make the adventure the best thing ever. My get away from the boring, and routine everyday living.

What do children actually need?

Children do not need tropical islands, and the highest mountain top to have an adventure we grownups think we do. Adventure do not need a lot of money, preparation, traveling far, or being on the perfect corners of the earth. Look closely and you will see that sometimes even the muddy paddle is the best adventure ever.

Teach the children to have an adventure wherever they go.

I have found the strategy that works well for me. Instead of working hard and always planning a great trips far away for an adventure I have started doing something else…

The first step out of home is that we are going on adventure. For a different age children like mine (12, 8 and 4) good time is different for everybody. But some things are always the same for all even me.

So this are my adventures ideas that works well for all

Instead of getting out and stay on the same playground every day go to some event in the park.

Going around the neighborhood can be an adventure, going in the next neighborhood can be an adventure too, getting lost and find your way in the nearby street can be very exciting and engaging.

Finding a new playground is an adventure…Go in other parts of your city to look for a different playgrounds, it will be like discovering a new Disneyland.

A walk between the houses on the street, looking in the fences and yards of the houses admiring people’s gardening skills.

How much does adventure costs?

Adventure can cost a pile of money, and it can cost a public transport ticket, or it can be free.

Be open minded, children will find very exciting driving with the bus and a train, make that as the part of the adventure.

Maybe spending money on transport is not as cheap as being in the same playground every day.

But if we reconsider, then this is a small price for building a human being mindset, one that will have to choose on their own in a few years what I really important in their life’s.

If we set our minds to find something we will find it. SO if we look for adventure we will find it.

Have a great adventures with your family.

Here is one of our adventures…


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  1. An excellent post with very good tips for things that we have long forgotten to do with our children.

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